8 Women You Shouldn’t Date (According to Men)

Disclaimer: I didn’t want to write this but they made me do it. I guess I had to considering some men felt a little hurt by 5 Men You Shouldn’t Date  and seeing as I’m all for equality it made sense to at least publish a follow up post. Before I delve into the list I would like to point out that each of these different types of women featured very heavily in the conversations I was having with these men. I did not come up with the content for the post; I only put the list together.  So what I’m saying in essence is don’t shoot the messenger.


1. The “I Don’t Have Anything To offer But Instagram Likes” Woman

If instagram likes were currency then this type of woman would be a billionaire. She’s not well rounded in the slightest, although she is well endowed. She can’t cook, she can’t clean, she can’t hold a conversation outside of the superficial, she doesn’t have opinions, she isn’t well read and she doesn’t have any hobbies. All she does is pout.  The irony of it all is there is no evidence from her Instagram, that she has a life outside of Instagram.


2. The “I’m Sexy And I Know It “ Woman

She never wants to wear any clothes to the point where you question whether she has any clothes. If she isn’t showing her derrière to the masses, she is showing her boobs to the masses. She’s the type of woman to get offended when men ogle at her nudity on Twitter, Facebook or any social media space. She always has a retort to their sexual advances and yet all this could have been avoided if she wore some clothes.  She also tried to re-enact Kim Kardashian’s famous “broke the internet” pose.



3. The “All Men Are The Same” Woman

She’s been hurt in the past and whilst you are deeply sorry for her pain, you are bored of hearing the same Mary J Blige- esque love story (cue any song by Mary J Blige and you will understand). She raises her suspicions of you on the first date which is highly unusual given you’ve never been out with her before and you’ve had very little communication up until this point. She compares you to her ex. She complains about never being able to find the right guy and you aren’t really that surprised and then she delivers a speech on how all men cheat.  You have no choice but to delete her number.


4. The I Like Men Who Pay For Everything” Woman

This type of woman never pays her way but expects to be catered to regardless of whether the man is able to or not. She never wants to contribute, she just wants to spend.  If on the first date she doesn’t even offer to pay then apparently she is out to suck you dry.  I’m personally unsure about this correlation but apparently if she doesn’t offer or at least pretend to go into her bag to take out money/ card then she is not or you.



5. The “I’m Crazy And I Show It” woman

Aside from her being insanely attractive sometimes you question her sanity. For example, she starts arguments for no apparent reason or she keeps a tracker on your phone so as to know your every move.  Have you ever been in a situation when a woman asks you a question and before you can even answer she has already finished your sentence for you? On your first date she complains about the way in which the waitress looked at you and then she confronts you about it very publically, forgetting to use her inside voice. She’s belligerent and then plays the victim when corrected. She’s also possessive. She wants to be your whatsapp display picture despite it not being her birthday and despite the fact that you’ve known her for 5 minutes.


6. The “Contouring Is Fun” Woman

If I didn’t include this in the list they would have metaphorically killed me. This type of woman apparently turns makeup into sorcery or they just overdo it. These women either overdo their contour or overdo their lipstick application and in some cases excessively do both. According to my lovely sample of men, make up is akin to deception but I think if a man believes that your eye lids naturally shimmer with gold then he is a bit daft but this isn’t my list.  They want the au naturale woman who uses make up to enhance as opposed to create a new face.

Picture-7 (1)

7. The “Loud Mouth” Woman

Never quite knowing when to use her inside voice or keep anything between the both of you to herself, she tells everyone who will listen every detail.


8. Finally, the “I Can Carry My Own Bags” Woman

This woman is the most disingenuous of all. She stresses her position as an independent woman but then complains when you don’t hold the door open for her, pull out her chair or offer to pay on the first date. She feigns independence whilst wanting all the benefits attached to chivalry.

That’s all folks.

Love Cris x

P.S Thank you to all the men who contributed to the list.

2 responses to “8 Women You Shouldn’t Date (According to Men)”

  1. Jesus. As if women aren’t already constantly hit up by a man to borrow money or to pay their own way, you want us to actually go on a first date and offer to go dutch? This is one of the most f ed up things i’ve read and after you wrote it I stopped reading. Any man that would want a woman worthy of his future would never put her in position of paying for half their meal on their first date. That would be the kind of loser to ask to borrow money to pay his electric bill shut off notice or his child support..Real men don’t ask their dates to pay. Do you think husband’s ask the wife to go dutch on the family vacation with the kids? No he doesn’t. There are lots of things women do for their men that are beyond money so let the man pay for dates and romantic get aways.