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  • You’re Single Because You’re Picky.

    You’re Single Because You’re Picky.

    “I refuse to settle” – No,  you’re  simply refusing to give up on your fantasy.  Being picky has absolutely nothing to do with having standards. Some single people (myself included) simply do not know how to see beyond themselves neither do they know how to see beyond perfection. Last night I tweeted something spectacular, “When […]

  • Case Of The Ex – An Article For Valour Magazine

    Case Of The Ex – An Article For Valour Magazine

    We don’t all have to have bad relationships with our ex’s… Here’s my article for Valour Magazine. You can read it   Love Cris x P.S My article is on page 38.

  • It’s All About The Dough…..

    It’s All About The Dough…..

    Hi lovers. You will have to excuse my hiatus from ThePromiscuousPen but as some of you may know, when life gets in the way, you just have to keep making lemonade, even when you want to make cranberry juice. However, as of today I am back like a bra strap with another ludicrously profound piece […]

  • Brothers (in Christ) With No Game? The Sequel

    Brothers (in Christ) With No Game? The Sequel

    When I first wrote the controversial article, “Brothers (in Christ) With No Game”, I thought it was a finished product. I thought it would never need revisiting because it was so damn well written and I had explored every possible conclusion with regards to the dynamics between male and female relations within the church. I […]

  • Stop Hating Valentine.

    Stop Hating Valentine.

    Some of us are giddy at the thought of Valentine’s Day, some of us scowl over the notion. The former are lovers but are the latter haters? At some point in our lives we have dreaded the arrival of February because it reminded us of our single status. We would enter into the second month […]

  • Situationships.


    The ascent of the “sidechick culture” has led me to the following conclusions: There has been a change in the way we perceive relationships and if you disagree then it means you have either been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by perfect examples or you are simply failing to see the wood for the […]

  • Dear Men, We Like Beards…

    Dear Men, We Like Beards…

    I remember a while back when I was fawning over a picture of a man with thick , dark facial hair (my usual passe-temps) and a friend of mine thought it  necessary to comment on what he considered an obsessive preoccupation with beards and although his accusation was accurate ( I was clearly infatuated with […]

  • Strong, Black Womanhood.

    Strong, Black Womanhood.

    We subscribe to things we do not quite understand and endorse them without fully realising how detrimental those things can be. The concept of “self fulfilling prophecy” is powerful and accurate especially with regards to stereotypes because we tend to become the labels placed on us. We begin to imitate the stereotype, often times wearing […]

  • Why We Hate Love…

    Why We Hate Love…

      I wish to preface this article. This one’s for the grown – ups, for the over 18’s amongst us. No children allowed. We hate love.  You’re probably wondering why I have made such a bold statement and yes I am aware of how sombre that statement sounded( blame it on my emo past, yes […]

  • Three Cheers For Male Privilege…

    Three Cheers For Male Privilege…

      I read the most hilarious post whilst I was perusing the internet for some inspiration and for the curious cats amongst us here is the link The article consisted of an exhaustive list of things women apparently enjoy as a result of being well women and whilst I was laughing and choking (at […]

  • Because Not All Men Cheat…

    Because Not All Men Cheat…

    I have a problem with the assertion that all men cheat and my reasons will become apparent shortly. I do feel like I’ve been writing a lot for the boys lately (see “What Solange taught me about Domestic Violence”) but I just can’t shake off the need to speak on the labels that have been […]

  • The Feminisation of Masculinity

    The Feminisation of Masculinity

      Hello there. I’m so very glad you have all visited for another dose of The Promiscious Pen and although it’s been a while ( and yes a week is a while) I’m back in full force to bring you the discussions that have plagued my mind. Since the ascension of Drake (who is my probably one of […]

  • He’s Not Just That Into You…

    He’s Not Just That Into You…

      I’ve always said that the movie He’s not that into you would make a fine addition to the curriculum of young women (please say you all have watched it, it’s quite funny and arguably life changing lol).  In fact it should be made into some type of module that you have to sit an exam […]

  • Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

    Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

    I was recently asked to write something for the men because apparently there are way too many articles for women out there (and to be honest I agree, one only has to look at the shelves in your local corner shop to  see how female magazines dominate the market ) . As I am all […]

  • P.M.S Perfect. Man(woman). Syndrome.

    P.M.S Perfect. Man(woman). Syndrome.

    It’s only right that I begin by saying Happy One Month birthday to my blog, my baby, my pride and joy.  The journey thus far (I know it has only been a month but allow me this heart felt moment)  has been worthwhile and I look forward to sharing more witty, conscious, insightful and borderline […]

  • The Power of (something more than) a Crush

    The Power of  (something more than)  a Crush

    ***********DISCLAIMER********** I am not a hopeless romantic. I don’t usually like to dabble in emotional sentiments, I leave that for all the Drake types amongst us ( for your information Drake is my favourite artist, his songs are music to my eyes and so that statement should not be read as a attack on Drake’s […]

  • Singleness Is Not A Curse

    Singleness Is Not A Curse

    It’s rather funny that I am writing this post whilst listening to Beyonce’s Drunk in love and no before you ask I am not drunk, neither am I  in love (hence the rationale behind this post) . The fact that  Beyonce no longer makes songs for us single ladies is quite relevant here (that’s right […]