Month: April 2014

  • Where’s Our British Dream?

    Where’s Our British Dream?

    Many of us are familiar with the American dream and for those who are not I would say that at the heart of the concept is social mobility, which is defined as the movement of groups or individuals in and between social positions or classes i.e. from working class to middle class or middle class to upper […]

  • The Size of the Ring, The Price of the Ring

    The Size of the Ring, The Price of the Ring

    I’ve often been in conversations where a group of men are battling ( verbal not physical) a group of women over the importance placed on the engagement ring and the arguments tend to intensify when discussing the size and the price of the ring. In fact I  wrote an article for a magazine I previously […]

  • Thou Shall Wave Good Bye to Rock Bottom…

    Thou Shall Wave Good Bye to Rock Bottom…

    This is the second part to  my three part blog post which I have entitled The Emancipation Series .  Part One discussed the importance of spring cleaning your house i.e your life by trashing the old and embracing the new (Read it here however, this article hones in on never becoming so low that you […]

  • Great Women But What About Great Men?

    Great Women But What About Great Men?

    Hi world. If you are new to my blog,welcome and if you are a frequent reader of The Promiscious Pen, namaste. This post marks the first instalment of  Because I Am Woman , a category that I felt compelled to include as I noticed some of my thoughts, especially the ones pertaining to females did […]

  • Eat, Pray Love.

    Eat, Pray Love.

    I think I definitely have an obsession with film titles and perhaps I should speak to my shrink about it on my next visit ( ok I don’t have a shrink but if I did my obsession with film titles and music titles would be the first thing I would want to discuss) but the […]

  • The Feminisation of Masculinity

    The Feminisation of Masculinity

      Hello there. I’m so very glad you have all visited for another dose of The Promiscious Pen and although it’s been a while ( and yes a week is a while) I’m back in full force to bring you the discussions that have plagued my mind. Since the ascension of Drake (who is my probably one of […]