Month: March 2014

  • Salt & Light… Salt & Light

    Salt & Light… Salt & Light

    And so it begins; my first “Jesus Piece” ( nothing like the chain Kanye West used to always wear) is here. I remember a while ago when I started blogging and getting feedback from various people, a lot of my Christian friends would ask me “Cristine, when will you ever write something pertaining to Christianity?” . […]

  • He’s Not Just That Into You…

    He’s Not Just That Into You…

      I’ve always said that the movie He’s not that into you would make a fine addition to the curriculum of young women (please say you all have watched it, it’s quite funny and arguably life changing lol).  In fact it should be made into some type of module that you have to sit an exam […]

  • Thou Shall Keep Thy House In Order…

    Thou Shall Keep Thy House In Order…

    I read something funny this evening (ok it may not be funny but I did snigger at the statement). It read, “what a lovely winter we are having this spring”. I know the weather has been pitiful and you may think the phrase “spring clean” far too premature but guys spring is here (LOL) and […]

  • Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

    Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

    I was recently asked to write something for the men because apparently there are way too many articles for women out there (and to be honest I agree, one only has to look at the shelves in your local corner shop to  see how female magazines dominate the market ) . As I am all […]

  • Naked


    N A K E D na·ked/ˈnākid/Adjective:   (of a person or part of the body) Without clothes. (of an object) Without the usual covering or protection: “a naked bulb”; “each man was carrying a naked sword”. Synonyms:bare – bald – undressed – unclad – open . I want to be naked. I want to be […]

  • A Fridge Full of Yesterdays

    A Fridge Full of Yesterdays

      Every time this is read, whether out loud or in your head remember that yesterday is dead. Hello my name is today and this is my virtual pen letter to all the delicate hearts that have preserved their pasts in the fridge called life. Like food gone unchecked your ‘yesterday’ rots and then reeks, before eventually […]

  • P.M.S Perfect. Man(woman). Syndrome.

    P.M.S Perfect. Man(woman). Syndrome.

    It’s only right that I begin by saying Happy One Month birthday to my blog, my baby, my pride and joy.  The journey thus far (I know it has only been a month but allow me this heart felt moment)  has been worthwhile and I look forward to sharing more witty, conscious, insightful and borderline […]

  • Light Skin Is The Right Skin?

    Light Skin Is The Right Skin?

    Before I proceed with my actual article I want to ask a serious question. Before Lupita Nyong’o, did you not know you were beautiful? It’s a shame that we live in a world whereby black women feel like they have to draw strength from Lupita and not from an inner confidence. It’s a shame that because […]